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Equipment List

All Of Your Machined Component Needs Covered

At Boyd we strive to alleviate your stress of finding top-notch parts at an affordable price point. Our commitment to tight tolerances and state-of-the-art equipment ensures exceptional results for every project, delivered in a timely manner.

Our equipment includes milling CNC, grinding, cleaning, drilling, turning CNC, sawing/cut-off, inspection, finishing, and water jet equipment.

Trust us to take care of every aspect of your manufacturing process.

Production Machines

Learn More About Our Production Machine Capabilities

Our  production equipment ensures the highest quality products and services for our valued customers. By automating tasks, our machinists focus on quality control and customer service, reducing labor costs while improving production efficiency.

With remarkable precision and consistency, our production machines minimize rejects, meeting the highest standards of quality and increasing customer satisfaction.

Our machines offer unmatched flexibility, enabling us to produce diverse parts on a single machine. We adapt to customers’ ever-changing needs, remaining at the forefront of the industry.

At Boyd Machine Shop, our commitment to innovation and versatility empowers us to handle complex projects with ease and confidence.

Machine Type# of MachinesAxisFitted With
Averex HS-450i
146 pallet changer
Haas UMC 75015
Haas EC 40014
Haas VF 4ss13UR robot
Haas VF 4ss13+2TR-210 3+2
Haas VF 413+1Rotary table
Haas VF 2ss13
Hurco VM20i13Conversational
Haas VF 5 13
Haas VF 333
Haas VF 3ss23
Haas VF 413
Twin Spindle Matsuura33
Haas SL-2013 (Lathe)
Tsugami M08SY14 (Mill Turn)Rebel V-65 Bar Feeder
Omax Water Jet13TiltaJet Machine Center
Makino Edge 2i13 (Sinker EDM)
Bridgeport53 (Manual)Trax
Tarnow13 (Engine Lathe)
Hardinge13 (Manual Lathe)
Kent SGS-1230 AHD1(Surface Grinder)
ACER AGS-1640 AHD1(Surface Grinder)

Total: 31 Machines on Our Production Floor

Post Machining Equipment

Learn More About Our Post Machining Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art post machining equipment provides streamlined finishing processes by eliminating burrs, refining surfaces, and perfecting geometries that go beyond industry standards. This helps establish your credibility as a dependable supplier and promotes customer satisfaction.

Our equipment optimizes the finishing process, reduces downtime, and extends part lifespan to minimize wear and tear, maintenance and save you time and money in the long run.

With Boyd Equipment’s Post-Machining Equipment, increase your productivity and meet demanding deadlines without compromising quality.

Machine Type# of MachinesAxisFitted With
Keyence1Portable CMM
Emerald Cobra 5651— (CMM)CMM Manager
Axiom Too 1— (CMM)Aberlink 3D V4.
Epilog Helix12 (Laser)
Keyence X200013 (Laser)
Abrasive Honer3
Ultra-Sonic Bath3
Finishing Stations10Manual FinishLapping and Assembly

Total: 21 Work Stations to Inspect and Finish Your Products

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